The Mild Adventurer

More mild than wild.

What’s here?

You can visit the rivers and bush and sea around Central Queensland, Australia, via my pictures and stories. I am no wild adventurer but since relatively few people journey the way I go, you will encounter an outdoors that is rather wild and often dangerously so.

I enjoy camping, bushwalking, fishing, exploring, outdoor photography, boating (which comes with heaps of repairing whether I like it or not). It’s all mild stuff but not without challenge and occasional heart-stopping moments. Read more on what’s here:


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Overlooked? Trail-camera angle of view – Pt 1.

Angle of view is a seriously neglected aspect of trail-cameras, in my opinion. Understanding angle of view helps you strategically choose a camera to suit a field situation. You improve your chances of getting the photos you want. I’ll explain it drawing from my own experience and frustrations. Continue reading

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More dingoes.

With dingoes increasingly showing up on my trail cams in the Mt Archer National Park near Rockhampton, I have reflected on the potential risks to solo walkers such as myself. Sobering thoughts. Then I went camping, solo, to Five Rocks where I have always seen dingo sign and a few dingoes in-the-flesh. First I was amazed at the increased dingo sign on the tracks in and around camp, then I was amazed at a dingo sign of another type. Never seen this other type before and it worried me. Continue reading

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Feral cat caught on camera.

Monster-size feral cats prowl the Australian outback. Evolutionary processes apparently morphing the once-tame house moggie into a much bigger and scarier animal. However, it is only this year that I have finally and clearly caught a feral cat on my trail cameras. While not a monster size, it has some surprising characteristics which may be from wilderness-living natural selection.  Continue reading

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Climbed a rock face lately?

I have long been in awe of those who do mountain climbing. Their fitness to haul themselves up massive slopes and conquer vertical walls of rock astonishes me. Super fit. I have tried to imagine what it would be like, arms being held above one’s head, hauling one’s self up and up and up, for hours, sometimes days. Astonishing efforts. Sometimes I feel tired just holding my arm up while brushing my teeth. Obviously I am not in the same fitness category. Continue reading

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Fabulous Five Rocks

The Five Rocks area of Byfield National Park, Central Queensland, is one of my most favourite areas and I have enjoyed trips there for about eighteen years. An amazing array of environments allows one to become ‘lost-in-wonder’: beautiful beaches, rocky headlands, peaceful rainforest and stunning landscapes of coastal heath on ancient sand dunes. Been nearly two years since I was last there and nearly a year since I had a night off from my caring duties. So when an opportunity for two nights at Five Rocks came up, I was keen to go. . . Took me a bit to find my camping gear packed away in numerous cupboards, but ready or not, I was going. Continue reading