The Mild Adventurer

More mild than wild.

What’s here?

You can visit the rivers and bush and sea around Central Queensland, Australia, via my pictures and stories. I am no wild adventurer but since relatively few people journey the way I go, you will encounter an outdoors that is rather wild and often dangerously so.

I enjoy camping, bushwalking, fishing, exploring, outdoor photography, boating (which comes with heaps of repairing whether I like it or not). It’s all mild stuff but not without challenge and occasional heart-stopping moments. Read more on what’s here:


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Little lost piglet all alone.

“This little piggie went to market,” so the nursery rhyme goes, but I wonder if the little piggy got lost on its way back home because I have found a little teeny-weeny piggy on my trail cameras and it was all on its lonesome. Maybe it was returning from the market and took a wrong turn. Continue reading

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Dingoes: Behaviour change in Gully 01.

Significant change in dingo behaviour has been recorded by my trail cameras in Mt Archer National Park. The cameras strung along what I call Gully 01 previously showed various individuals and groups up to four occasionally passing through the gully. They would come and go, usually seen going down the gully, sometimes with weeks between visits. No regular pattern, mostly night time. That has changed. Continue reading

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Trail camera: Ltl Acorn 6511WMC update

After buying and field testing my second 100° wide-angle lense trail camera, a Ltl Acorn 6511WMC, I decided I needed more. Its wide angle and other characteristics ticked enough boxes that I realised I had found a camera that ‘fitted’ me more than any of the others I had tested. Continue reading

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Wild pig bulldozers.

Feral wild pigs infest the Mt Archer National Park in growing numbers. The amount of damage I see is astonishing. And I don’t see everything. Many impacts are not readily visible. For example, I can see they eat xanthorrhoea (grasstree) tops and some cycad nuts, but whether this puts rare species in jeopardy or is changing the ecosystem I don’t know. However, when I look at the way they dig over the soil, I do know that just from the sheer amount of it, that it is seriously and negatively impacting the natural ecology. They are like little bulldozers. Continue reading