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More mild than wild.

What’s here?

You can visit the rivers and bush and sea around Central Queensland, Australia, via my pictures and stories. I am no wild adventurer but since relatively few people journey the way I go, you will encounter an outdoors that is rather wild and often dangerously so.

I enjoy camping, bushwalking, fishing, exploring, outdoor photography, boating (which comes with heaps of repairing whether I like it or not). It’s all mild stuff but not without challenge and occasional heart-stopping moments. Read more on what’s here:


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Mt Archer NP: Dry-rainforest

An hour and a half’s walk in from the Sunset Drive entrance to Mt Archer National Park (Rockhampton, Queensland) brings you to a significant change in vegetation – dry rainforest. While very different to the soaring and extra-damp rainforest up north, such as around Tully, I think this scrub is awesome. It has a major advantage over proper rainforest despite its comparatively stunted trees and almost no epiphytic ferns and orchids. No leeches! I knew you would be impressed! Continue reading

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DIY trail camera mounts: Awesome!

Placing a trail camera on a tree and pointing it in the best direction for your awesome animal photos is not as easy as the trail camera advertising makes out. First you have to find a tree in the right position. Then it may not have an upright enough trunk. Even if your tree has a decent upright trunk, you may still need to make adjustments to angle of your camera. Personally, I have had huge amounts of frustration so have started delving into DIY trail camera mounts. Continue reading

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Versatile mounting method for trail cameras

You’d think mounting a trail camera would be easy seeing as the bush is full of trees you could strap it to. I thought that. Certainly fooled me. Regularly I have problems finding the ‘right’ tree for setting up a trail camera. Sometimes I can’t find any tree where I want one or there is a tree but it is tilted the wrong way. Commercial accessory tree mounts with swivel heads are available but the price put me off and sometimes I not only need a swivel mount but the tree as well. Here’s my cheap alternative: Continue reading

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Portable solar panel experience

In March 2015, I purchased a pair of 120 watt portable solar panels for camping and emergencies. That was only a few weeks after Cyclone Marcia cut power to our house for ten days and I used a small petrol generator to charge my camping battery to keep my 23 litre Waeco camp fridge going. And Internet modem and laptop computer. Had no other refrigeration so the camp fridge was a god-send.

Cyclones and no power don’t happen regularly but with that nasty event on my mind it was easy to persuade myself to buy the portable solar panels. Between cyclone emergencies I expected they would be great for camping. And they have been. Here’s what I found: Continue reading

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More on black underexposed photos with Bushnell Trophy Cam Aggressor 2017

Many darkish underexposed day time photos from my initial field use of the Bushnell Trophy Cam Aggressor 2017 model raised my concerns about how it does its exposures. Moving the camera from the open woodlands to taller forest with more canopy, the underexposure got seriously bad. Almost fully black day photos were the result, although the total number of day photos in the week was nine so not a big sample to go on. I was astonished how badly the Bushnell was doing the exposures as my other two cameras (Ltl Acorn, Moultrie) were not having any problems. I contacted Bushnell to ask about it. Continue reading