The Mild Adventurer

More mild than wild.

What’s here?

You can visit the rivers and bush and sea around Central Queensland, Australia, via my pictures and stories. I am no wild adventurer but since relatively few people journey the way I go, you will encounter an outdoors that is rather wild and often dangerously so.

I enjoy camping, bushwalking, fishing, exploring, outdoor photography, boating (which comes with heaps of repairing whether I like it or not). It’s all mild stuff but not without challenge and occasional heart-stopping moments. Read more on what’s here:


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Wonderful wallabies!

I am no big fan of macropods. Sure, kangaroos and wallabies are iconic Australia. And yes, they are furry and cute. But I think the jumping they do gives them brain trauma. Either that or they are born stupid. And I confess to being nervous when near to the big muscly bucks in grasslands adjoining housing where they can lose their fear of humans and occasionally become aggressive. My trail cameras have captured two types of wallaby in the Mount Archer National Park near Rockhampton. Both are unusual, which I use as justification for my greater-than-usual interest in members of the macrapod family.

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Oh no! Not the Bushnell!

It was a happy moment when my Bushnell Trophy Cam package arrived on Wednesday, 7th of February – a brand-new replacement for the one I had sent away with video problems on the 11th of January. Yippee! I quickly started running tests. Happiness turned to dismay when the camera would not trigger properly. How could it be another dud? Sheesh! I felt wretched. Thankfully, this story has a positive ending. Continue reading

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It’s fake news my DIY trail camera mounts need Viagra!

I admit I am having a problem with some of my DIY trail camera mounts not being able to stay erect long enough to do their job. But if you have read somewhere that they need Viagra, that is not true. Fake news. Ignore. Keep reading and you can really find out what is going on. Continue reading

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Warning! Dangerous fake rechargable batteries.

Just got caught in a potentially very dangerous scam. I had decided to buy some spare 18650 size lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. The ones I have work very well in my Ltl Acorn 5510MC and two flashlights. Checking out Ebay, I was surprised how cheap many of the offerings were. I thought I would be safe if I went for the same brand as I was using (UltraFire) and avoided the lowest priced offerings plus bought from a site with 100% positive feedback. Turned out to be a Big Mistake. Continue reading

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Practical trail camera use: Why I prefer setting minimum delay for repeat photos.

Trail cameras have adjustable timers which alter how long they wait between taking photos. Options are many. You may wonder what to select. I’ll explain why I always set it to its minimum and it may help you with deciding what to set your camera on for your situations. Continue reading

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Water ingress: Ltl Acorn 5510MC

The overnight torrential downpour bucketed down noisily on my tin roof. Unusually heavy but not long lasting. Next morning was my routine in-field trail camera service trip with SD card swap and battery check. Upon opening the Ltl Acorn 5510MC, a teaspoon or two of water was released, much to my surprise. Never before even been damp. Continue reading