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More mild than wild.

What’s here?

You can visit the rivers and bush and sea around Central Queensland, Australia, via my pictures and stories. I am no wild adventurer but since relatively few people journey the way I go, you will encounter an outdoors that is rather wild and often dangerously so.

I enjoy¬†camping, bushwalking, fishing, exploring, outdoor photography, boating (which comes with heaps of repairing whether I like it or not). It’s all mild stuff but not without challenge and occasional heart-stopping moments. Read more on what’s here:


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Review: small safe fuel bottles

Safely carrying small quantities of highly flammable liquid, like petrol, requires appropriate containers. I know that . . . but don’t do it. For years I have used the small (less than a litre) flimsy plastic bottles that the fuel, such as Shellite (naphtha), came in. My thinking was that if it was good enough to sell the fuel in, it was good enough for me to carry the fuel in. However I was always extra careful to keep those bottles well protected. Still, it’s undeniable that flimsy containers are a safety risk so I just bought some stronger ones. Here’s what I found: Continue reading

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More experience: Mercury 3.5 hp 4 stroke & 250 AD HP inflatable dinghy.

After initially using the Mercury/Quicksilver 250 AD HP inflatable dinghy and Mercury 3.5 hp 4 stroke outboard when I bought them over two years ago, they have basically been in storage since then (family health issues). Now I have dusted them off and am putting them back into use. Here’s what I experienced from my latest outing. Continue reading